We are an “advanced” retreat center — we are here to help you advance your awesome, whatever your awesome is!

Artist conk with a heart scribed on it on a mossy log

CopperMoon is a small retreat center in Snohomish county nestled in the foothills of the north Cascade Mountains. It’s quiet here at the end of the road, surrounded by forest. We’re a little over an hour drive northeast from Seattle. We have 20 acres devoted to permaculture, sustainability, resilience, apiculture, and awesome culture. CopperMoon welcomes music festivals, barter faires, personal retreats, workshops, and celebrations of life. What do you need to advance *your* awesome?

Read our blog to see what we are up to. On any given day you will find us gardening, building a cob sauna, tending the orchard, creating a food forest, constructing tiny houses, experimenting with gluten/dairy/egg free cuisine, or beekeeping. We could be hosting an awesome-advancing workshop or event…maybe yours? Contact us to see if our space is right for your special event.