CopperMoon, CARC, CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center

If you have any interest in tools, woodworking, or construction, then you’ve probably seen those how-to articles or videos featuring a clean, well-dressed person working in a spotless shop. They […]

CopperMoon, CARC, CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center

How many decisions do we make in a lifetime? Individually, we make decisions constantly, from minute to minute. Decisions are choices to do or think or be something. Decisions just […]

CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center

It is fascinating to me when skills from one arena of my life transfer to another arena. In my climbing days, my knowledge of knot tying from fishing was very […]


Well, that was exciting… our bees swarmed this morning!  Lightfoot walked outside to start plastering and thought, “what’s that noise?”  They settled on our willow tree, and we captured it, […]