CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center is here to help you advance your awesomeness. What does that mean? What do you want it to mean? CopperMoon is nestled in-between civilization and the wilderness of the North Cascade Mountains of Washington. We have space for relaxing or meditating. We have room for meetings, workshops or classes. We have projects and plans to help with and learn from. We have people to share ideas and philosophy with. We have a zip line!

CopperMoon, CARC, CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center

If you have any interest in tools, woodworking, or construction, then you’ve probably seen those how-to articles or videos featuring a clean, well-dressed person working in a spotless shop. They […]

CopperMoon, CARC, CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center

How many decisions do we make in a lifetime? Individually, we make decisions constantly, from minute to minute. Decisions are choices to do or think or be something. Decisions just […]

CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center

It is fascinating to me when skills from one arena of my life transfer to another arena. In my climbing days, my knowledge of knot tying from fishing was very […]

Autumnal Update

After our big push to get the sauna walls up in September and a Whirlwind Mid-west Vacation, we are slowly adjusting to shorter, cooler, wetter days at CopperMoon, and thinking […]

Summer Synopsis

Our blog has been quiet. Not, however, because CopperMoon has been quiet. This has been one busy summer of work and activity. Here are quick highlights of what we’ve been […]

Jamalot at CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center

Yesterday was a lovely day to start Jamalot at CopperMoon. We met new people, visited the forest, shared chai and chili, hung out and had fun.

Trails at CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center

When we moved onto CopperMoon property in 2007, there were three established trails here: a long trail from the bottom of the pasture behind the house all the way to […]