ImageStrangely good January/February weather continues. This allows a LOT of things to happen that normally would not. On Saturday, we took the new table saw out for a spin (heh) making boards out of the cedar for the top-bar beehives we are building. “Just snap a chalk line and cut along that” the guy said. Well, the first half of that statement is easy enough. The second half is a challenge because you are cutting an irregular edge and CANNOT use a fence on the saw. The first attempt that we made was only slightly better than the edge that we cut off. W had the answer (from her crafting work). Cut the board one inch bigger than necessary and then trim off two one-half inch cuts to fix the edges. It worked. The rest of our saw work went smoothly and we now have enough boards for two hives; we think. The plans are a bit vague being written by a non-wood worker for non-wood workers. So, that is my job this week: to build the hives.

Then the new apple trees arrived. Shoot, there is a couple more hours of sunlight; let’s get those puppies planted. Oh, and we might as well get the blueberries planted also. Hook up the backhoe, dig six holes, plant six plants, haul top soil, landscape slightly and we have a major expansion of our orchard.

ImageYesterday the synergy of four people all working towards the same vision really kicked in. My mind said that we had two jobs to get done in the nice weather: 1) get the new trees staked and fenced, and 2) get some of that maple wood split and stacked. By myself, I could have finished the staking and fencing in, oh, half-a day then maybe made a dent in the pile of maple wood. But with four… we had the trees staked and fenced in less than two hours and were working on the wood pile before we knew it. I split wood for a bit then D wanted a shot. Cool. Then J wanted a turn. Kewl. Then W wanted a whack at it. Tres Kewl!

The slowest part of splitting wood solo is setting up the target blocks, picking up split wood and stacking it. With four people, we had one setter and two people picking up and stacking in addition to the splitter. The pile of wood did not have a chance. It was all split and stacked in time for us to have a late lunch/early dinner.

ImageThe magick continues. Here’s to more magick in 2014. (oops… I failed to click the publish button when I wrote this. Posting now)