In the very first days of moving and settling in at what we now know as CopperMoon, I had a vision of this being a place which people could visit to get away from the city for a bit. We are not too far away, but we are very far out in the country. There is quiet here; you can hear the wind in the trees and water flowing in the creek. There is deep shade and bright sunlight here. There is wild nature here that I always missed living in town.

Last September, during a sauna building party, friend R was here helping and said that this place would make a good retreat center. I said, in jest, that I don’t want to “retreat”; let’s make this an advanced retreat center. What was said in jest has persisted all winter.

CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center (home of The Feast of Saint Crispy)

CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center is here to help you advance your awesomeness. What does that mean? What do you want it to mean? CopperMoon is nestled in-between civilization and the wilderness of the North Cascade Mountains of Washington. We have space for relaxing or meditating. We have room for meetings, workshops or classes. We have projects and plans to help with and learn from. We have people to share ideas and philosophy with. We have a zip line!

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