If you did not see it on Facebook, last weekend we took down the hemlock from the flower bed in the front yard. It has slowly been dying for a few years. Since we wanted to put some of the plants that we got from the Snohomish Conservation District Native Plant Sale in that bed, it seemed be smarter to do the falling now. The tree had a fair lean towards the playhouse so we put a rope on it as high as possible, ran the rope through a pulley that was attached to a fence post out by the llama statuary, and then tied in to the tractor. This allowed us to pull the tree in the direction that we wanted it to fall while allowing the tractor to move away from the landing spot. Everything went well ~ hell, it went perfectly. I was not nearly as stressed about this as I was taking down a similar tree a few years back.

I took a quick trip down to Portland/Tigard, OR this week to get in a little paddling time with E. Most of the rivers were too high but we had some fun anyway. E also sent me back with Flowering Dogwood , Eastern Redbud and Golden Raintree to plant.

Now, here comes the weekend rushing up like a runaway train. Our current list of projects and whatnot looks like this:

  • Build electric fence for beehives
  • Finish planting new stuff
  • Buck the hemlock and move the wood over to be split
  • Split firewood
  • Dig drainage ditch for garden
  • Roto-till garden [needs a dry spell of weather]

We’ll have extra hands with M & J planning to visit with their children. So this looks to be a busy and fun weekend.
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