Silliness is a common occurrence at CopperMoon.  I started to say it was a way of life, but we’re not silly even most of the time. Silly is more like a spicy extra that frequently comes to visit.  Well, sometimes very frequently. About totally non-silly things. Like dishwashers.

It started out innocently enough. LightFoot left a note to let me know that the dishwasher was ready to be run.

So, we added our dishes and ran it. The proper thing to do, was, of course, to follow LightFoot’s politeness by leaving our own note about the state of the dishwasher. A little silly might have crept in…it happens around here… Why would the dishwasher just run, when it could Prance!

Dishwasher Prancing

For a while, the notes just embellished a bit in addition to conveying the original information needed: was the dishwasher dirty or clean? However, as it usually goes around here, our notes over time got more elaborate and less informative.

One of my favorites was a purely visual one, that I feel really took the whole movement to another level. Doesn’t it look like the dishwasher is smiling?

Googly fruit dishwasher

And our latest installment, the dishwasher is expanding its repertoire even further. The note reads:

The dishwasher
wants to be known
as El Gaucho Loco,
star of Mexican wrestling.

El Gaucho Loco

I don’t have pictures of all of the notes in place, but at some point, we started saving them, and here they are:

The notes

They might be somewhat in order. Note that the dishwasher slowly becomes The Dishwasher, and gets rather demanding.

For those who don’t know. Bianca is apparently in cahoots with the dishwasher, as she’s featured in many notes. She’s our kooky white kitty, also known as Ms. Bianca Duck-bane Karma Butt Pinknose, or Kitty Kitty Butt Butt (further abbreviated in one of the notes as KKBB). Kess is our dignified elderly kitty who would be appalled that we call her Kitty Kitty Fish Fish, except, you know… Fish!  KKFF is her nickname abbreviated, so this note gets extra points for conveying information outside of the normal dishwasher status.

Do you have a tradition of silly notes? Share them with us!

And, here’s them written out where you can actually read them:

  • We taught the
    dishwasher to
    put googly eyes
    on things. Run!
  • Dishwasher has been wined &
    dined & left in a state of breath-
    less anticipation. No leaking noticed…
  • Dishwasher
  • The dishwasher is sipping
    mai-tais and flirting with Bianca
  • KKFF-In  KKBB-Out
    Dishwasher kidnapped me and
    sold me to South China Seas
    Pirates! HELP!
  • We serenaded the dishwasher
    with a mariachi band
  • Dishwasher.
  • The Dishwasher has been nominated
    for Time Magazine’s Appliance of the Year.
    The voting is very close…
  • D/W has been stripped bare &
    then forced to be very dirty
  • The Dishwasher demands a
    tarot card. Maybe “The Sudser”?
    Scribbled in after: The Hierophant (it’s not being used)
  • Caught the Dishwasher playing skittles
    and drinking beer with Bianca.
    Wanted to join them but no time…
  • The dishwasher wants to be known
    as El Gaucho Loco,
    star of Mexican wrestling.


4 thoughts on “Notes on a Running Dishwasher

  1. Now we understand the “Advanced” application to CopperMoon’s status.

    Q: What are the giant clothespins atop the protected garden posts? I think I see wire; are they to keep out high-jumping deer? (Hm, redundant)

    • Julia, those hold up the fishing line from which dangles the DVDs that have been saving our garden from deer this year.

    • It took me a moment to understand your “giant clothespin” question. This garden fence is a combination of two different ideas to ward off garden poachers. The lower half is four strands of heavy fishing line. The idea of this is that the deer feel the pressure of the fishing line when they walk into it but cannot see anything to jump over so they don’t. The upper half of the fence is old CDs hanging down to flutter in the wind. The “giant clothespins” are 1x2s nailed to each side of the fence posts and screwed together at the top to extend the fence posts up to the 8 foot range. There is a nylon cord tied between all of these from which the CDs are hanging. This creates shiny fluttery things in the air that deter birds mostly.

      I do not know which part of the fence is doing the most good but it is working. The only damage that we are suffering is to our beans. Something is eating the bean leaves just about as fast as they grow. That is the ONLY thing being poached; all of the lettuce, greens, squashes and root veggies seem to be doing well this year.