Oh, it’s extra-exciting times here at CopperMoon this week. After years of deliberation, the house will get professionally painted.

Here is the house’s current paint scheme:

Grey Haven

Can you say “shades of grey”? In the best of times, grey is a non-color to me. It is my very least favorite color; at the bottom of the list. Put this grey house into a grey wintery January day and the cheery factor just plummets.

Woosi and I got to thinking of paint colors when Shed Mahal was built and needed painting. I did not want some random colors on it. I wanted to come up with a color palate that we could use on any of the property buildings so they would all look good together. You may remember how Shed Mahal came out…

Shed Mahal

After some work, we came up with a paint scheme for the house that we like. Here, for the first time, we reveal Woosi’s Photoshop artist concept of our repainted house…

Cheery House

Right? This is going to look SO inviting on that grey January day. Painting starts on Wednesday. Stay tuned for more pictures!

2 thoughts on “Cleansing The Palate

  1. I just compared the picture to the pictures of the actual, in-real-life, paint job. To my eye, they’re pretty much identical! (Leaving aside the viney bits that haven’t been painted yet…)