When we moved onto CopperMoon property in 2007, there were three established trails here: a long trail from the bottom of the pasture behind the house all the way to the back end of the property; a trail along the south border of the property that met up with the long trail; and a short trail in between these other two that intersected at the same location.

Over the course of the years, only the long trail received any attention, although that attention was intermittent. The other two trails vanished back into the forest. In February of 2013, we started work to reopen the long trail now known as the CopperMoon Trail.

Throughout 2013 and 2014, I kept the CuM trail open. Then I decided to reopen the other two trails. After several sessions of machete work, chain sawing, weed-whacking with a metal blade and mowing these trails finally reappeared. These are now the Honeymoon Trail (shortest) and the Blue Moon Trail (south border). All of these trails meet up at Salmonberry Junction.

Something was missing though. The CopperMoon Trail goes all the way to the back edge of the property and ends at Lower Fairyland and the creek. It would be marvelous, I said to myself, to create a trail that looped back to the pasture or orchard from there. Challenge accepted.

My first attempt to create a loop started at the Fairyland spur off the CopperMoon trail. That proceeded along until it ran into the Salmonberry patch of doom. Admitting defeat, I retreated.

I then entered the forest at the location of the skid road we put in for bringing out the logs that became the foundation of the sauna. Taking the path of least resistance I proceeded east into the forest, past our logging operation of 2013 and deeper into the verge. I could hear the creek and my direction was getting closer to it. After rounding an ancient stump, I saw a straight horizontal line through the brush. Knowing that there are no straight lines in nature, I moved closer. Damn if that’s not a bridge over the creek! Good place to put a trail.

Crossing the bridge put me on the north side of the creek. I wound my way east, passing Fairyland, and making good progress. Finally, my path brought me back to the creek not ten yards from Lower Fairyland! The New Moon Trail was born.

In order to document all of these trails and the property corners, I started walking the property with my GPS unit late last year. After locating all of the corners and walking all trails four times, I started to develop a pretty good picture of how the trails were located on the property. Using Google Earth and the GPS data, I actually put a picture of the trails onto a picture of the property.

Trails at CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center



Now, the trails are well established and only need maintenance and minor improvements where they get soggy. To this end, we started deploying pallets late in 2014 to mitigate the muddy sections.

So, the next time that you’re up here and feel like taking a walk, you are not limited to Woods Lake Road. I am proud to say that we have a fine set of trails from easy meanders to a decent hike for you to wander.