Our blog has been quiet. Not, however, because CopperMoon has been quiet. This has been one busy summer of work and activity. Here are quick highlights of what we’ve been up to:

CopperMoon CARC "CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center"Back in May, we were awaiting the arrival of WWOOFers. WWOOF.org is the website of World-wide Opportunites on Organic Farms. People, like us, sign up to host volunteers who seek opportunities for working outside and learning from whatever their host is into. We started out with four people, two from Michigan and two from Arkansas, and learned to enjoy life at WWOOF-speed!


CopperMoon CARC "CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center" IMG_2539 CopperMoon CARC "CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center"

CopperMoon CARC "CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center"CopperMoon CARC "CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center"CopperMoon CARC "CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center"

Next thing that we knew, a new squash patch appeared near the upper pasture; we started the footpath, Willow Way, that will encompass the upper pasture; the first of our camping guilds (tent areas surrounded by companion planting plots) appeared; squash trellises appeared; the old orchard was weeded and wood-chipped; new trees were planteed; the veggy garden got planted, and weeded, and planted, and weeded, and planted; and the big hemlock log got split to become benches.



Cobbing has proceeded in fits and starts. The main accomplishment was getting a cedar ceiling installed so that we could finish more walls. We are currently in a “fit” stage and the sauna walls are climbing at breathtaking speed.

2015-08-07 14.50.40To make the property useable by more people and increase the resiliency of our composting system, we are constructing an outhouse for composting toilets; the Fabulously Advanced Recycling Toilet.

That pretty much brings you up to date. In the near future, we will be constructing a hoop greenhouse to increase our gardening capacity and expand our gardening season. Cold frame beds will appear on the south end of the house. This fall, we will start a couple of hugelmounds in the upper pasture and build swales in the lower pasture below the house. We want to build a root cellar for cold storage but don’t have that planned yet. During the winter, we want to get rainwater catchment and grey-water irrigation systems installed.

CopperMoon CARC "CopperMoon Advanced Retreat Center"Farther out on the timeline, we have plans for building a Structurally Integrated Panel (SIP) building that we call The Studio. Next summer, we will dig into our natural swimming pool project (Barry willing 😉 )

The awesome of CopperMoon is advancing rapidly!