One of our focuses over the last several years has been increasing how much food we can produce. Part of that is extending the growing season. Being at almost 700 feet over sea level, our last-possible frost date is mid-May.  We’ve never actually gotten butternut squash to finish, though I can say that little baby butternut squashes are super yummy.

We want all those little baby butternut squashes get to grow up and be big, happy, sweet yummy squashes. We also want to start our lettuce and other early spring crops sooner, keep growing kale, cabbage and broccoli late into the fall, or maybe even year-round. The native American tribes called the moon in February “Hunger Moon,” because it tended to be a time when your fall harvest was dwindling and spring crops wouldn’t grow yet.  Although we’re lucky enough to have these wonderful places called grocery stores these days, I like the idea of having fresh, flavorful, nutritious food growing in our garden year-round. Hoop houses are part of what will help us get there.

CopperMoon harvest

Come join us for April’s Jamalot, where we’ll be building our first hoop house! Help us bend the pipe, assemble the the frame, cover it with plastic, and then tote it out to the field to start turning some more of our pasture into food…warming the soil in preparation for planting.  You’ll be learning along with us!  

Arrive at 10am if you want to help with the hoop houses, and please Sign Up!

Forest bathing and trail hikes will also be open – come anytime from 10am-2pm.  If you need the address, fill out our Contact Form.

Looking forward to (w)hooping it up with you all!