Fairy house samples in progress, and moss for decorating

Fairy house samples in progress, and moss for decorating

Date: June 12, 2016

Time: 10am-2pm Class starts promptly at 10am! Please show up on time so we can really dig into the process.

Registration deadline: June 5, 2016

Registration: Sign me up!

Cost: Free!

Come satisfy the kid in you and play in the mud!  Sculpt cob and/or plaster into a whimsical  Fairy Tiny House. Cob will be available for those of you who would like to construct your own dwelling (and we’ll send you home with plaster if you don’t quite finish). Or, if you prefer to just decorate – register for a pre-made base and we’ll have a tiny cob home waiting for you to adorn with plaster, stones, twigs, bark or whatever else you fancy.   

Take your creation home to display in a protected place in your garden or home (unless you prefer the artistic deconstruction of the cob as it’s exposed to rain over time :).  You’ll learn a little about cobbing and plastering as you construct your masterpiece.


Advance registration is required to attend. You have two choices when registering:

  • Build your own cob fairy house: In this case, you will spend the bulk of the class creating a cob house. You may get to decorating, or may need to finish at home.
  • Decorate a pre-made base: We will have a number of prepared houses for you to decorate – first come, first pick.

What to Bring

Wear old clothes (cob is messy), and bring nitrile gloves (we have some, but yours guarantee a pair that fits).

Please bring:

  • Snacks/Lunch
  • Spray bottle for water (there will be some to share, but bring one if you have it already)
  • Decorations to use or share.  Some suggestions are:
    • Small rocks, shells, and beads
    • Twigs and small pieces of wood.
    • Moss, pinecones, and dried flowers
    • Broken tiles
    • Found objects
    • … really anything you’d like to see on a fairy house
    • Here are some of the things we’ve been collecting for our samples









  • Optional: fairy house base – if you want to build your own cob house you may want to bring a base (rock or wood slab) that you’d like it to sit on. Textured bases or wood that can be have screw anchors attached work best!

What We Provide

  • Cob for the fairy house base
  • Plaster for sculpting/sticking
  • Colored plasters/clay paints
  • Pre-made cob houses if you’ve ordered one
  • Some snacks, tea, coffee, water

Sign me up!