We’re back to testing mixes for the finish plaster. This mix was 5 quarts¬†EPK (powdered Kaolin clay), 10¬†quarts fine silica sand, 1 quart water. That made about 2 1/2 gallons of plaster, and we added 1/2 cup of wheat paste.

The mix is dry on our cob fairy houses, check these out! Josie’s is the purple mix, and Woosi’s is the green mix.

Josie's tiny fairy house

Josie’s tiny fairy house

Woosi's fairy house, modeled after her tiny house ideas

Woosi’s fairy house, modeled after her tiny house ideas

The mix went on nice, was sticky, and burnished really nicely with our little tiny plastering tools.

It’s still sandy and that sandiness rubs off, so I think I’ll up the clay content in the next mix, and maybe check my books for what else to try.

We have other colors, too, that we’ve mixed up to test both on the cob sauna walls, and for people to decorate their houses in the Cob Fairy House workshop coming right up this Sunday. If you’d like to join us, go to the registration link on that page and sign up!

Here are the colors we’ve got for the workshop:

Wet Plaster

Wet Plaster

Dry Plaster

Dry Plaster

The main colors are what we’re considering using on the big cob house we’re working on. The purple and green are mixes that are coming out really nicely.

I might play with an oil finish on my little fairy house, to see how it enhances the color, dusting, and durability of the mix.

We’re using this as a learning opportunity, but you can just come and have fun!