How-To How-To

If you have any interest in tools, woodworking, or construction, then you’ve probably seen those how-to articles or videos featuring a clean, well-dressed person working in a spotless shop. They have cabinets full of immaculate tools and every form of material necessary for their project within arm’s reach. Their project demonstrates dove-tails, eagle-tails, hen’s teeth, […]

Crossing Streams

It is fascinating to me when skills from one arena of my life transfer to another arena. In my climbing days, my knowledge of knot tying from fishing was very useful. My knowledge of rope work and subjective physics (AKA not falling off of the mountain) from climbing has come up useful in many of […]


I am declaring it: starting Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 it is cobbing season at CopperMoon! According to, the weather for the Sultan, region of Washington is going to be excellent starting this coming Monday. We have not touched the sauna since last October when we finished putting a minimal roof over the sauna. We […]

Marching On

If you did not see it on Facebook, last weekend we took down the hemlock from the flower bed in the front yard. It has slowly been dying for a few years. Since we wanted to put some of the plants that we got from the Snohomish Conservation District Native Plant Sale in that bed, […]