Seed Balls of Blooming Bliss

One of our ongoing projects of learning and doing here at CopperMoon has been our efforts at gardening. We have experimented with raised beds, companion planting, The Three Sisters method, Square-Foot Gardening, keyhole beds and more. There were a couple of years of HUGE squash and corn patches. There was even one year of primarily […]

Elevator Pitch

Here is the scene: you enter an elevator in downtown Seattle. Just before the doors close, a hand slips between them and stops them from closing. The doors open to reveal Bill Gates who joins you for the elevator ride to the 13th floor. You now have about one minute to introduce yourself and your […]


I am declaring it: starting Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 it is cobbing season at CopperMoon! According to, the weather for the Sultan, region of Washington is going to be excellent starting this coming Monday. We have not touched the sauna since last October when we finished putting a minimal roof over the sauna. We […]


When I was young and living in Ann Arbor, Michigan (1969-1976), my mother was a fan of Sunset Magazine. I remember that once she found a recipe that sounded intriguing with the ho-hum name of Hamburger Noodle Bake (ground beef, green peppers, cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup). The meal was tasty but we had to […]

Marching On

If you did not see it on Facebook, last weekend we took down the hemlock from the flower bed in the front yard. It has slowly been dying for a few years. Since we wanted to put some of the plants that we got from the Snohomish Conservation District Native Plant Sale in that bed, […]