Cob Fairy House Building – Come to our next Jamalot June 12, 2016

Date: June 12, 2016 Time: 10am-2pm Class starts promptly at 10am! Please show up on time so we can really dig into the process. Registration deadline: June 5, 2016 Registration: Sign me up! Cost: Free! Come satisfy the kid in you and play in the mud!  Sculpt cob and/or plaster into a whimsical  Fairy Tiny […]

Seed Balls of Blooming Bliss

One of our ongoing projects of learning and doing here at CopperMoon has been our efforts at gardening. We have experimented with raised beds, companion planting, The Three Sisters method, Square-Foot Gardening, keyhole beds and more. There were a couple of years of HUGE squash and corn patches. There was even one year of primarily […]