Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this CuM I see on your pages.

A: Cu is the periodic table abbreviation for Copper, and M is for moon, so we frequently abbreviate CopperMoon to CuM. It amuses us.

Q: I have a perfect/sweet/awesome pet. Can I bring it with me?

A: Our cats have dictated that they be the only domesticated animals allowed at CopperMoon, unless they can hunt, kill, and eat it. So, parakeets may be allowed, but not recommended.

Q: Why do you have a “no-food-left-out” rule?

A: Marauding bears, raccoons, and other hungry creatures live in the woods. They want your Doritos. Lock it up!

Q: Can I get drunk/high?

A: If it’s legal, you can bring it and use it. If you use to the point where you are not acting like an adult, cannot honor other people’s or animal’s boundaries, or start acting in any other way like an ass, we’ll ask or force you to leave and/or call the cops. Probably call the cops since you’ll be in no condition to drive. Please don’t make us do this.